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“And I Love You So” movie teaser

I came across this movie teaser just now.

I love how Bea Alonzo delivers her lines in this teaser. I am looking forward to watching the movie. Betch, are you reading? Hehehe.

I think the girl has honed her acting skills. She was good to start with, just a little bit over-acting in her earlier movies at times. This time, the teaser shows that she has her emotions under control (which is, to me, more effective acting – as if I know about acting? LOL. But I did have amateur theater performances back in UP in college. Would you believe I got a lead role in my first theater experience? And that was my director’s greatest regret ever. Huh!).

Anyway, she is one beautiful girl with a talent to back her up. And, of course, she is a Star Magic baby. That alone would ensure her longetivity in show business.

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6 thoughts on ““And I Love You So” movie teaser

  1. i had a cooL PolSci prof from batanes who talked about batanes and his work in the congress ba yon? well we were all curious about batanes coz we seldom meet people from batanes, hehe… and he just left the reading to us and made our quizzes and exams easy so PolSci was one of our favorite subjects in my 1st year in college, hehe..

    jehan´s last blog post..Jang Dong Gun For President…

  2. PolSci and theatre, weird noh? hahaha. even PolSci students were scared of PolSci profs, ano pa kaya yung hindi mga PolSci? LOL. i had a great time, though.

  3. wow, tough course! PolSci profs used to scare the hell out of me…hehe nakakayanig po! lol katuwa naman, politics tapos theatre! 🙂

  4. hi phoebe – i graduated with a Political Science degree from UP Iloilo… hehehe. I never got into political groups but I was passionate (daw!) with theatre. But that was loooong ago.

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