Witty Boy

I’m just so amazed at how time flies with regards to my Little Dynamo. We just used to carry him, hug him, tickle him, feed him. Now, he has his own wants and demands for them.

And this is what’s most amazing! We only used to teach him how to talk. Now, words just come out of his mouth.

One afternoon, he woke up from his nap  in a not-so-pleasant mood. He was crying for me to lie down beside him and hug him. I wanted him to wake up already after a two-hour nap.  I playfully bit his chin but he cried some more. To amuse him, I said “woof! woof!“. With closed eyes, he replied “Meow!“.

While playing with his Dad:

Little Dynamo: Gotcha!

Daddy: Gotcha, too!

Little Dynamo: Gotcha three!


While playing with me:

Me: Yehey, I am the winner!

Little Dynamo: Yehey, I am the best!

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2 thoughts on “Witty Boy

  1. hi jempres, thanks. sobrang tawa ako ng tawa when he replied “meow” to me. out of nowhere yun. at medyo nakasimangot pa mukha nya.

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