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Purefood Hotdogs

Saturday morning, my Little Dynamo asked for a sausage. I didn’t have one in my refrigerator so when he woke up from his nap yesterday, I asked him if he wantd to go out. With toddler in tow, I took a taxi for Itaewon. We went to the Philippine Store there near the Philippine Embassy.

It was an expensive toddler craving. The 1kg Purefoods hotdog was priced at 25,000-won. I also bought a longganisa, however it didn’t really come from the Philippines. The owners were the ones who made it. One pack of 9pieces was worth 4,000-won. I got a miswa and 1 can of Ligo sardines because I remember my mom cooking it and I used to like it. A Ligo sardines was worth 1,500-won. I think the prices at the KC Philippine Store was more than doubled. Well, that’s how business is for them. They have the monopoly of Philippine goods in the area.

My Little Dynamo and I went around the area for awhile. He was able to get himself another toy:-). His reward for being a very well-behaved companion. I would have wanted to buy a Crocs slippers for me, just right for summer. But I am sure hubby is coming home on Thursday with Italian goods for me so I opted to postpone it for just a little bit. I would prefer that he knows my expenses rather than surprise him with mounting credit card bills. LOL.

Anyway, for all its worth, my son feasted on the hotdog last night. He loved it! I remember our vacations in the Philippines when his favorite breakfast would consist of rice with hotdog and a sunny side up fried egg. I also cooked the longganisa and it was just like having a breakfast meal for dinner:-).

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