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Protect Your Eyes With Style

One of the must-haves during summer is a pair of sunglasses. While it protects your eyes, it also serves as a fashionable accessory. You just need to make sure that you have the perfect shade and a good design to complement your different looks. Unless you are one who can afford several sunglasses, then you don’t have to meticulously check on all the designs before you purchase one. I say, lucky you!

I actually have difficulty in choosing a good sunglass frame for me. I highly recommend these guidelines in finding out which sunglass would look good on your kind of face and skin color. You have to check first what is the shape of your face. From there, you can choose among the list which frame shape is good for you. Of course, the lens color of the sunglass is essential. I know for a fact that black is not good on me. I chose brown for myself. Interestingly, we have to consider our skin, eyes and skin color to determine the best lens color for us.

One of the classic fashionable designs I have always loved on women is the Jackie O sunglasses. Unfortunately, this design is not for all types of faces. Even if I want to have one, it doesn’t look good on me. Big disappointment, really! But I still love watching other women who can carry the style very well.

Even in sunglasses, there are fashion victims. It’s best to watch out and choose what’s best for you!

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