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Philippine Festivities in Seoul’s Banpo Park

I was browsing through Seoul’s Philippine Embassy Website last Friday to check on any update about the One Philipines Festival which was supposed to be held on June 27-28, 2009 at the Seoul City Hall. No announcement and no mention about the One Philippines Festival. Instead, an announcement titled “Street Festivals to Highlight Philippine Festivities in Seoul’s Banpo Park” was there. Is this the same festivity postponed to another date, I thought. Nothing in the website explains that it is the same festivity which was just given another name and moved to another date:-). This is the third date announced by the Philippine Embassy.

Anyway, Cathy texted if we plan to go to Banpo Park on July 5. I only learned from her that this is the same festival that I was looking for. Great!

It would be good to be there on July 5. Support the Philippine Embassy’s effort to bring to Korea some of the Philippines’ street festivals. July 5 will serve as a celebration for the Philippine Independence Day (June 12), Filipino Migrant Workers Day and the 60th Anniversary of Philippines-Korea Bilateral Relations.

See you!

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7 thoughts on “Philippine Festivities in Seoul’s Banpo Park

  1. oh i see… so we might have just gained same info hahaha for no any other resource aside from that website (phil embassy), yeah u’re right it would have been well dessiminated so everybody would spare time to participate.. anyway we will be going there.. thanks again.. see yah!

  2. Hi Wen – the things that I know about these festivities are only those I read in the Phil. Embassy website (please click link above). Unfortunately, I am also disappointed with the (lack of) information from our own Embassy. From the article, there will be street dancing to be performed by Filipino volunteers trained by NCCA. Aside from that, I don’t know much anymore.

    But, I guess this will be a good time to meet other Filipinos… if this information was disseminated well.


  3. hello wendy!
    my husband and I are so interested to visit this said event along with some filipina wives (since its sunday) who are living here nearby songpagu as well, but then we’ve been searching for more info in the phil embassy website, unfortunately we could not find anything there. it was only about the location, map and basically how to get there by all means… what is this activity really all about? is there some sort of program that they would be initiating or we will just go there for some kind of a picnic or get-together setting? nalilito kami… thanks in advance.. hopefully u could provide more info for us, it would be appreciated..^^ God Bless!

  4. the July 5 event yata would serve as the One Philippine Festival already. actually yun nga ang hindi klaro sa Philippine Embassy website e. either cancelled na ba ang One philippine festival and we will have this new festivities na lang or the same lang to na iniba lang ang pangalan.

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