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Money Talk in Marriage

Do you feel comfortable talking about finances and financial management with your spouse?

My husband is a certified public accountant but he hasn’t been a practicing one. Since he got his CPA license, he opted to go the way of consulting reasoning out that auditing is not the only field for CPAs. The auditing and consulting firm he first worked for had a strong and well-supported consulting group so he was well-trained and well-prepared when he was pirated from that firm. But his CPA background is never put to waste that’s why I always rely on him when it comes to financial management.

I have no worries about his spending habits. He has to worry about mine (joke!). We rarely do impulsive buying but last Sunday we had so much fun trying on some sunglasses that before we knew it, we got each one for us. That came as a little bit of a surprise for us and we had a lengthy discussion about finances after that. Good thing, there’s a sense of comfort whenever we have our money talks so I don’t need check for some tips to combat irresponsible spending habits.

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3 thoughts on “Money Talk in Marriage

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  2. alex and i talk a lot about our finances and financial management… medyo mahirap kase after all the budgeting, we get calls about -weddings, birthdays, funerals— he is pissed of at times coz they’re from relatives who just call at that time… i told him we really have to make allowances again for such events or untoward happenings since he’s the first son, i also have no choice to parang say “sobra na minsan”… just like june, we went to 2 funerals, celebrated 2 birthdays (1 is mom in law’s 70th birthday) and mom in law attended 2 birthdays and 1 or 2 weddings.. pinaka mababa na yung shib-man-won as monetary gift…

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