Joke Season in the Philippines

I abhor Joseph Ejercito Estrada! and that includes all the people who are still behind him to this day… the gullible movie fans, the selfish lawyers, the self-serving politicians, the remorseless mistresses, the arrogant bastards from every woman he had lustful nights with, the legitimate children who are exact copy-cats of their pig of a dad, and the legitimate wife who swallowed all her pride as a wife and as a woman in the name of political power.

Imagine an impeached president is now being considered a serious challenger in the 2010 presidential elections! Only in the Philippines.

This joke of a president we once had is in it for another season of joking, the latest of which is his “joke” on a serious political topic. Imagine the comedy of errors our contry once had under his presidency, most especially in his dealings with the international community and other world leaders. The problem is, he has too much clout in the movie industry so much so that he still gets a lot of media attention.

Wishful thinking… imagine convicted and charged, or even just suspected, government officials in the Philippines doing a President Roh Moo-Hyun suicide.

That would be the day!

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5 thoughts on “Joke Season in the Philippines

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  2. what’s even worse is that Filipinos always vote for politicians who talk too much, who are verbose, and who talk with as if a clear conscience.

    we never learn our lesson. we even put criminals on a pedestal and hail them like heroes and fantasized they are our saviors.


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