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How Much Do You Love Your Dogs?

The only pet I ever had in my life (which I shared with my brother) was a bird. We called him “Bogart”. We were quite attached to our bird until he was able to fly away when we left the cage door open. My brother also┬áloved dogs. Though I don’t remember him too attached to any of the dogs he had taken cared of, he was the one who always fed the dogs, cuddled and bathe them.

I am sure though that for the certified dog-lovers, it’s anything and everything for their “babies”. There’s this interesting dog website which offers tips on how to give the best care for your dogs. I had a blast reading the dental care for dogs. I mean, I know of friends who spend for their dog’s clothes, shampoo, food and the likes. But I only learned about dental care for dogs from this website. There are so many things to learn about taking care of dogs. They also have vaccinations and you even have to take into consideration the materials used for their beds. Just like having a baby…

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