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Happy Father’s Day

After a sleepless night last night, Hubby and I are now in our respective computers while our Little Dynamo is sleeping.

This is not the Father’s Day that I have planned for my husband. But Little Dynamo chose this weekend to let his father do his “fatherly” responsibilities to him. He was extra clingy to my husband yesterday and when night time came, we knew why. He was down with a very high fever, was awake most of the time last night and vomitted several times. He was asking for the doctor but we can’t get out of the house in the middle of the night. So, first thing we did today was go to the pediatrician’s clinic. It’s the perennial culprit: throat infection.

I prepared to bake chicken today and we were supposed to have a Han River cruise comes dusk. Now, while I am writing this we are waiting for food delivery instead:-). That’s what parenthood means! LOL.

And this is what Father’s Day means to my husband!


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3 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day

  1. i had a very sad father’s day too….i was in the e.r. for high fever too,,,,,i reallay felt bad for my hubby…it’s his first father’s day, i plan to make it up to him today…kkkk. i hope le ruof is feeling better anyway

    cherĀ“s last blog post..Freezer Babies

  2. Hi K – thanks! may runny nose na nga ako e… mild lang naman. pero, medyo kairita pa rin:-) and i can’t take any medication.

  3. Awww… hope he feels better! the weather is kind of weird and muggy lately, i hope you dont come down with something too!

    And Happy Father’s Day to your husband!

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