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My limited experience in learning how to play golf does not hinder me from writing about it. Good thing I had a few basic lessons in golf and my Pro gave me some useful tips for beginners. The very first thing that I was taught to learn was the proper grip. I didn’t end up with calloused hands so I figured I listened very carefully.

To encourage me to spend some time in the driving range, my father-in-law gifted me with Maruman Verity Golf Irons. I don’t have a complete set, of course. A complete set of golf clubs would also require me to have drivers, woods, and wedges. I still don’t know much about shopping for these golf clubs, let alone using them. I haven’t even tried a sand wedge in the fairways. Hubby would grimace when his golf balls land in the sand as this is usually a hard hit to do. In so far as golf bags are concerned, I would definitely want to have a feminine and trendy one. I am actually not concerned about golf balls only because I don’t know its effect if you’re using an expensive ball or a less expensive ball. But, there are many brands out there to choose from. Well, I guess the professional players would really know and feel the big difference. Golf shoes are pretty expensive but then again walking several miles in finishing an 18-holes game is enough reason to invest in golf shoes.

If we can have our way and if we can settle back in the Philippines the soonest, it would be good to start our Little Dynamo early in golf. I would love to continue learning aswell. It would be another family affair for us.

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