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Friday Frustrations: Korean Language

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Another week. Another thing to rant about. Thanks to Maria’s Friday Frustrations weekly meme, I have a venue for this week’s frustration.

I’d been here in Seoul for more than three years already. But I can’t speak the language. I can hardly understand the language, too. Don’t you think that’s just a little pathetic?

I did enroll into a Korean language class when I first came over. I can read Korean characters… like a toddler does. But I never progressed. When I started to have Korean friends, they would gleefully speak to me in English. I obliged for my own convenience. To this day, even people from the supermarket I frequent would want to speak a little English to me. LOL. So, I never had a motivation to really learn the language.

Now that my son’s needs are growing, I sense that I am sometimes incapable of doing things because of this lack of Korean language skills. My son’s daycare is a little bit expensive compared to regular daycare because it is the only place that has English speaking songsaengnims here in Mapo. My son, when upset, would run to his American teacher because she’s the only one he can understand.  I have very limited conversation to the ajumma we always frequent for our fish and aquarium needs. So, I can’t complain when she gave us a wrong bottle for our aquarium water and all the fish died except for the two janitor fish. I just had to purchase additional fish, to her delight.

My son’s Korean language skills is dependent on me… for now. Hopefully, when he spends more time in the daycare he’ll grasp more Korean words. But, as my friends would always point out to me, he’ll learn faster if I learn the language for him, too.

A few months ago, I willed myself to learn the language. Nothing happened. LOL. What would it take for me to learn it?

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23 thoughts on “Friday Frustrations: Korean Language

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  7. hi algol. thanks for the sites and the suggestions.

    hi ane – wish ko lang. pero, i’m not a TV person so it’s one point against me (in terms of learning the language).

    hi april – thanks for the visit. goodluck on your own learning:-0

  8. try watching Korean dramas.

    Here’s a website that provides English subs to Korean dramas.

    to increase your vocabulary, try learning via Hanja, you will get to retain words more easily

    Naver has a very good Hanja dictionary

    as around 70 % of Korean vocabulary is derived from Chinese, learning Hanja will make you memorize words faster.

    for example, 장, 場, 마당 장, it means a place

    when you look at the related terms, you will get

    시장 市場 market

    입장 入場 entrance

    공장 工場 factory

    직장 職場 one’s place of work

    매장 賣場 a place where things are sold

    주차장 駐車場 parking place

    and many more

    as you can see, the 장s have the same Chinese character 場

    seems crazy, but it works
    even Koreans look for the Hanja characters when confronted with an unfamiliar Korean word.

    Plus if you know Hanja, you will also be able read a little bit of Japanese (Kanji) and of course traditional Chinese (Hanja == traditional Chinese)

    there is a book at Kyobo, Learn Hanja the Fun Way

    nice book

  9. Ooh, talk about being lost in translation, eh? Why don’t you try watching Korean telenovelas? I bet you’d learn the language quick that way.. 🙂 It’s worth a try isn’t it?

    Ane´s last blog post..Secure Your Home

  10. I have the same dilemma here. i’ve been here for almost 2 years now. i just envy other Pinoys who have a knack for learning the language, some with even no formal training. mostly i learn baby-talk phrases from my kindergarten students. so when I try talking with the elders, they find it hilarious! 🙂

    april´s last blog post..I like Red!

  11. hi cher – thanks! let’s bond one of these days. email me kung kelan ka pwede.

    hi harriet – thanks for visiting my blog. for some reason, i can’t comment in your site.

    hi mrs. zee – thanks for the visit.

    hi ken – well, i think i really should.

    hi maria – i learned from one of the mommies that my son’s daycare tells the other parents that they have an english-speaking boy (my son) in their school. it’s a plus for them because most Korean moms would really want their children to learn and speak english. that has also been a disadvantage to me because my friends learn from me and i don’t. but really, the bottom line is, i didn’t motivate myself to learn as much as i could:-).

  12. I understand your challenge. I live in a predominantly French province and my son is having a hard time speaking French. He now has the children in the daycare speaking English to him. They learned English but he hasn’t learned french.

    I say I understand but I know it must be a lot harder for you because I was born here. Although, I went to English school all my life, I’ve been exposed to French throughout my working career. Plus, I think Korean is probably 10 harder than French.

    Don’t give up, you’ll get it.

    Maria@Conversations with Moms´s last blog post..Friday Frustrations – Mr. Linky Etiquette

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