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Fans for the Summer Heat

The heat is on! It’s summer time and it is time to bring out the fans.

I think the most convenient and stylish fans are ceiling fans. There are so many styles and designs you could choose from and they hardly bother you when you move around. Ample various styles abound so you are not limited when your concern is about consistency in your interiors. There are contemporary designs as well as cosmopolitan, traditional and classic. Casablanca ceiling fans conveniently have these designs to choose from. Personally, I like their Candelier design. It’s a little bit expensive but they have other equally beautiful designs that are reasonably priced.

For the dining room, I love the Galileo design of Ellington ceiling fans. The blades are an elegant black and the control looks like wind chimes. If I have a contemporary dining room, I would also consider their Windsong design. I’m actually dreaming of imaginary rooms in the house now where I could put some of these ceiling fans to good use and elegant display.

The ultimate modern ceiling fans are a nice collection of silver blades. All the designs look so sleek. It’s nice visualizing any of those designs with a silver lamp I saw while shopping for some online goods a few weeks back. Wishes could still come true:-).

I love the summer sun but the humidity wears me out. A good interior with a nice ceiling fan accent would be very inviting to stay indoors.

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