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Enjoying Filipino Channels Through her Direct TV

YM really bridges distance. The last time my college friend and I met for two brief meetings was in 2007 in Iloilo and Manila. These days, we update each other through YM. Just like last night, we had so much to chat about as she is also pregnant just like me.

While she is in far away California, she is more updated than me about Philippine showbusiness through her Anaheim Direct TV. She has her own subscription for The Filipino Channel through Direct Satellite TV. Since she’s almost always left in the house alone, she turns on her laptop and TV at the same time. She told me it’s as if she never left home as she gets to watch all ABS-CBN shows, her favorite being Tayong Dalawa. I haven’t even watched an episode of that although I was told that it’s a good show.

I asked her about what this Directv is all about and she happily chatted that she got hers from MyTVOptions. I had to log off by then as she started detailing to me the plot of her fave show:-).

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