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I remember reading Dr. Seuss when I was in my elementary years and I guess, I was fascinated by the drawings as the images never left my mind. Now that I have my own Little Dynamo, I was reconnected to Dr. Seuss.

I have a few Dr. Seuss books but I thought it would be great to have our own set for our son. Buying books for him has always been worth it as he has learned to love reading (or rather Daddy and Mommy reading to him). It seems to be a very natural part of his existence. No matter how tiring the day had been, bedtime must have his personally selected books read to him. If I am not so lucky, he would ask me to read the whole set of his chosen books. Recently, we purchased a 20-books set for him. Since his Daddy is on a business trip, I didn’t have any substitute and I would always struggle with my half-closed eyes. His Berenstain Bears set is only a 10-books set but the stories are long and if he would have his way, we would have to finish the set. Night time wouldn’t be complete without bargaining as to how many number of books we will have to read. Sometimes, even when only the dimmed light is left, and he would still have the energy, he would browse through the books on his own and pretend that he can read! And I am just writing about bedtime ritual. Waking up is another bargaining battle between us. And I have to constantly prove that I have food in my mouth during eating time to be spared from this reading habit. Until recently, I strictly imposed a no-reading during eating time.

Of the Dr. Seuss Beginner books, I first bought Hop On Pop. The sentences sound so silly but I realized that it’s actually a good vocal exercise for him. Why most child psychiatrists recommend Dr. Seuss is beyond me but based on my personal experience with my Little Dynamo, the silly-sounding sentences are actually effective in projecting images in his young mind. One time when he was left on his own, I was really astounded when he started “reading” Hop on Pop. He got the words right on the pages he was browsing. I thought he would only get the first few pages right. As his little fingers randomly open pages, he got the words and sentences right! It’s almost as if he can read! Of course, I know he still can’t. It’s just familiarity. It was just amazing how he can get them right.

To this day, I am still amazed at how he can actually associate the titles of the book to each book. When he stands infront of the bookshelf and checks out his books, he looks as if he really has a particular book in mind to get. Then, I would realize he actually knows what he wants to get and he is actually looking for it… and gets the right book. This may really just be the mother in me writing but I am quite proud of his progress.

There are a number of books in this Dr. Seuss Beginner books set. Aside from the two books that do not belong to this set, we have three books of this set but we don’t have the very first book “The Cat in the Hat“. Little Dyanmo has been bugging me to “Let’s buy The Cat in the Hat, mommy“. He got this “The Cat in the Hat” idea when, several nights ago, I talked aloud that we don’t have this particular book yet. Apparently, it stuck on his little mind.

I tried purchasing Dr. Seuss book sets through Amazon. I was very disappointed when I was notified that the supplier does not deliver to Seoul due to the bulk order. It would have been cheaper for us if we got it online. Now, I have to content myself with buying each piece at 11,140-won.

Little Dynamo and I may go on another bookstore visit to satisfy his “Let’s buy The Cat in the Hat, mommy” request. It would be good to buy the books per piece if I can’t buy it online. That way, he would have to enough time to absorb each book before we head off for another one.

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9 thoughts on “Dr. Seuss Beginner Books

  1. hi melissa – thanks for the site. i saw other english books there as well. i’ll add those to my list the next time we order books online.

  2. hi cher – i got the books from Bandi & Luni’s.

    hi phoebe -thanks! my son used to love chanting along with “Brown Bear”.

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