A Lesson in Consistency

Little Dynamo is having throat infection again. This time it’s milder but he still needs to stay at home and cuddle with mommy when the fever is high.

Last week was so bad he was vomiting a lot. The doctor told us not to give him milk until he felt better. Each time he asked me for milk, I told him he can’t yet. He might vomit. He will have milk when he feels better. He learned the lesson well.

This morning, he asked for milk. Hubby looked at me for approval. I nodded.

Hubby: Ok, please wait for your milk.

Little Dynamo: Oh! But if I drink milk, I will vomit. So, I will not drink milk.

Hubby: (amused) You can drink milk. Just a little.

Little Dynamo: Ok, just a little. Because if I drink a lot of milk, I will vomit. So, just a little.


Was he just testing our consistency?:-)

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