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Yellow Piano

While my son was in “school” last week, I walked around Kinder Schule. My little adventure lead me to a corner cafe. It has a huge clock in front and the name of the restaurant is discreetly written on the side, you would easily not notice it’s there. Translated in English, the name of the restaurant means “A Resting Place”.

What caught my attention was the yellow piano with a very nice overhead lamp. I saw the lamp online while browsing for a possible online shopping spree (?).


I got inside and found it such a cozy place. I bought ice cream and looked around the little cafe. Aside from the piano, it has small bookshelves and a computer for internet browsing. I also got to talk to the lady owner who spoke a little English. She pointed to the flowers outside and informed me that she also sells flowers:-). Cozy little place offering relaxing reading, internet surfing and… when the manager arrives, listening to classical piano pieces. I am not just sure though if guests could play the piano aswell. Thanks to my very limited Korean language skills.

The cafe seemed to be designed to cater to the interest of the owner. It gives you the impression that they lead a leisurely life in a leisurely pace amidst the bustling city of Seoul. Nice. When I was there, there were three generations present. Her mom, the lady owner and her daughter.

I’ll treat my son to their ice cream one of these days…

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