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Want to have your own VOIP?

My husband, son and I have been here in Seoul for the past three years but all of our families are back home in the Philippines. We still use the conventional way of communicating with them… calling through landline or cellphones.  My husband is oftentimes surprised to see my long distance call charges. Sometimes, we use Skype or MSN or yahoo for calling and/or webcam when they want to see our Little Dynamo in action.

The use of VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) might just give us some good savings. Phone Power is one leading provider of the VOIP service. Currently, when you sign up with Phone Power under their Residential and Small Biz Freedom Plans, the monthly rate for a 24-month term is $14.95. A shorter term of 12 months would have a $16.95 monthly charges. Not bad at all when you consider the exorbitant fees when using a landline or a cellular phone.

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6 thoughts on “Want to have your own VOIP?

  1. hi ate wendy! one thing that saved me money when i was still in PH was my friend’s Vontastic-VOIP. i could call alex for free at unlimited time (landline), also my sis in singapore (mobile phone) and relatives in the US (mobile phone and landline).

    i’m also thinking about having one because i spend about 3 15,000 won international calling cards a month. ganon din di ba, kaya nga lang at least at unlimited time.

    jehan´s last blog post..Bagaholic: Are You One of Us?

  2. Oh yeah, Bayantel has a VOIP service the thing that sucks is that they don’t provide a Philippine geographical number. Why does that suck? coz that means you can’t get one, take it to Korea and start calling your friends in the Phils and vice versa, they provide you with a US number so only your friends and relatives from the US can call you for free.

    Emilio´s last blog post..Sony Xperia at SKT

  3. Another thing you might want to consider if your relatives have broadband back home is to subscribe to LG Telecoms 070 (VOIP).

    Send the phone adapter to the PH, plug it into their broadband and Voila! they can call you at local rates. Even on your mobiles.

    Emilio´s last blog post..Sony Xperia at SKT

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