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The Whys and Whats Attack

p5110061Reading to my Little Dynamo has been extra tasking these days… but rewarding, if I may add so.

I started reading to him at 3 months old. I have a video of him flipping a book at about that age and it’s just so heart-warming watching it over and over again. We went about with our days playing and reading with soft music always on. Television (not even baby videos) was rarely turned on until after he turned 1 year old.  Looking back, I’m glad I stuck to that. It didn’t affect his appreciation for dance and music, as others led me to believe. It firmly planted his appreciation for books and has done a lot to his imagination. Dancing and music was not left unappreciated. I think the constant playing of soft music and nursery rhymes pave the way to his current love for singing and dancing. Barney made it even more enjoyable when he was finally introduced to the wonders of the TV screen.

These days, whenever silence dominates while I am doing some household chores, I would often see my Little Dynamo surrounded by his books. Downside for me is when he would demand for me to read to him. It’s no longer me reading or telling him a story. This time, it takes longer. It’s the whys and the whats which make a book seem like an eternity. Oh yeah, it takes a lot of patience! If I am not the mom of this boy, I would have already snapped. But always, I comfort myself by saying “this is how you’ve encouraged him to be“. No matter how trivial and repetitive the questions are, I just have to answer his questions. I don’t want to kill his curiousity. That is one of the wonders of childhood, after all.

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3 thoughts on “The Whys and Whats Attack

  1. try to find the children’s library within your area….i found one in uijeongbu and they have quite a number of english books(and even videos…kkkkk) for zach…..i was going to post something about the library but i still have to take some pics of the library’s facilities.

    cher´s last blog post..Following the footsteps of CHARICE?

  2. hi cher – thanks for the info. but i don’t now where the local library here is and they might just have korean books hehehe. but it would be interesting to bring my son to one. right now, we only sometimes visit the one here in Mapo because they have all-English books.

  3. i wish i can do the same thing for little zach…i already started reading books to him and we even acquired his very own library card at the local library….by the way you can do the same thing for your son(and for yourself), all you need to have a library card is the ARC

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