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The Influence of Peter Pan

Peter Pan is just one of the movies my Little Dynamo loves to request from me to play on DVD. You know that scene where Peter Pan tries to revive Tinkerball by shouting “I do believe in fairies”? Wendy, John and Michael with the Lost Boys are in Captain Hook’s pirate ship but they also felt the power to believe so that Tinkerbell will come back to life. On different locations, they simultaneously shout “I do believe in fairies!“. It’s quite a dramatic scene so it is very easy to remember. Apparently, it registered well on my son’s mind.

I got angry with him last night and I gave him a cold shoulder. He lied down on his bed and after a few minutes of silence, modified Peter Pan’s words. He repeatedly said (same inflection as with Peter Pan and the children) “I don’t believe in Mommy. I don’t believe in Mommy. I don’t believe in Mommy.

You bet! I wasn’t too pleased.

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