The Bark of a Tree

After watching Monsters vs. Alien in CGV Sangam yesterday, Little Dynamo’s energy needed more releasing. We walked to a nearby bakeshop to buy bread for breakfast for the following morning. Along the way, trees line the street. He stopped by one tree, looked up and:

Little Dynamo: Mommy, this is a tree.

Me: Very good. That’s a tree.

We moved on. Then, I thought to play it smart to my son. I got his hand and went back to the tree.

Me: (touching the bark of the tree) Anak, this is the bark of the treet. The skin of the tree is called a “bark”.

Little Dynamo: Bark of the tree. Like woof woof (making the woof woof sound of a dog) of the dog.

Me: Oh, yeah. You’re right! Bark means the woof woof of the dog and the skin of the tree.


Oh well, I’m still smarter. I added another meaning of bark to his vocabulary. LOL.

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