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Should Gay Marriage Be Legal?

Should gay marriage be legal?

Miss California Carrie Prejean received a lot of flak from Perez Hilton after her stand against same-sex marriage during the interview section of Miss USA. I personally feel for the lady as she only stood up to what she believed in in front of people who are very vocal about their support for same-sex marriage.

I know, same-sex marriage proponents are after respect for personal choice. It’s just a pity Carrie Prejean didn’t seem to get the respect they are fighting for for her own personal opinion. Good thing, she has her own supporters to back her up.

So, what’s your take on this? Should gay marriage be legal?

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3 thoughts on “Should Gay Marriage Be Legal?

  1. well, it depends on how you define marriage…
    there are things we cannot understand
    but we should always try understanding people like them.

    They are entitled to what other people enjoy.
    Sometimes, they are even better people
    that the so called straight.

    For me, since I define
    marriage in my own different way from others…
    my answer is no! We cannot legalize marriage for them…

    we may educate them and offer them the what we call
    civil union… in some ways, it is the only way
    for us to reach them out…

    friends, we should understand that they need us…
    our love and our understanding…
    they may seem different but still we should think
    thay have their fathers and mohers like us…
    they still are the pride and joy of their parents…

    we should talk this issue in the best proper place
    intelligibly and sensitively… because things like
    this cannot be settled in a dragging and
    war of words manner…

    if they want it. let’s talk about it.
    but my answer is no.

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