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Seoul Fashion

Going out with Cathy and Joanna yesterday afternoon reinforced my observation that Seoul is one fashionable place. If you like dressing up and expressing yourself through your clothes, come over. Seoul is a haven!

I’m not a fashionista but I do love dressing up. When I first came over three years ago, I was taken by the clothes the women wear. And they wear their clothes without fear! I adore that.

Of course, seeing the women in high heels while climbing the steep Namsan Tower and biking (yes!) in Yeouido are sources of a good laugh but these did not stop me from admiring how they dress up. Seoul Fashion happens to be one of the things I love about Seoul.

Anyway, Saturday was a “ME” time so I met up with Cathy and Joanna in Hongdae (the shopping area around Hongik University). I had been wanting to buy some comfortable shoes. I ended up buying a pair of shoes and a jumper. I sooo look forward to a bigger tummy when I could justify wearing my new jumper:-). It isn’t actually a maternity jumper but it seem to look good and comfortable when my tummy really starts showing. Anyway, the jumper is designed to look and feel comfy… you could convert it to a maternity jumper. Even during my first pregnancy, I didn’t really own (and refused to own) maternity clothes. Until my 39th week (Little Dynamo was born 39 weeks and 1 day), I was wearing regular clothes. Some just ended looking like maternity clothes. LOL. I plan to do the same this time.

While we were walking around, we could only gaze at the women fashionably dressed. Cathy told us of a visiting friend from the US who didn’t buy clothes here in Seoul. She liked the clothes but she knows she can’t wear them in the US. A male Australian classmate in Hangeul class three years ago remarked how “Korean women redefine the word ‘casual‘”. I totally agree. During our afternoon shopping in Hongdae, party clothes are casually donned.

When spring clothes started coming out, streets became a runway (ok, I’m a little bit exaggerating) again. I could only look with envy. These days, I am so limited to comfortable clothes (no tight jeans and skirts!).

Hubby knew I went home yesterday wanting for more. My “ME” time had a 6:30pm curfew. He was to have dinner to entertain his Italian colleagues who are still here in Seoul. Today, he got me to choose another pair of shoes. I can’t resist buying another blouse:-).

He asked if I was tired. I answered, “Women never ever get tired from shopping“.

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6 thoughts on “Seoul Fashion

  1. ey~ natuloy kayo! 😀

    sorry hindi ako nakasama, if you guys told me you’ll just be a stones throw away (hongdae’s our backyard hehe) eh di sana i made an excuse ehehehe.
    weekdays training saka kung anu-anong events on sundays, so i try to spend saturdays with the fam, mahirap na at baka mag-‘peoples power’ na yung mga chikitings ko ehehehe
    betch is suggesting a picnic on the 23rd….hopefully nothing comes up to spoil it(for me at least) i swear i need a break!!!

    jaz´s last blog post..LP53:(Ika-2 Lahok) Hardin

  2. had fun hanging out with you, and of course, shopping last Saturday! no matter how many times i say i won’t shop anymore, i still do! ^_^

    ps. next time you gotta wear that jumper! it’s so stylish!

    kaytee´s last blog post..crazy caricature

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