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Obtaining a Credit Card for F-3 Visa Holders

Using a credit card here in South Korea is more than just having “cash-less” convenience. Purchases using a credit card is directly connected to the tax system which counts your tax incentives at the end of the fiscal year. Hubby and I didn’t feel the need for me to have my own credit card here in Seoul until we recently noticed the amount we spend for cash purchases.

As F-3 visa holders (dependent family visa), we cannot apply for a credit card on our own. We do not have employment record to show and to support the application. My husband, who is an E7 visa holder, should apply for me under his account. My husband was asked to submit a marriage certificate as one of the documentary requirements. We submitted our marriage certificate. And it wasn’t accepted!

An F-3 visa holder should get a Certificate of Alien Registration from the nearest Immigration Center. This certification should show your relationship with your husband. Only then will the bank issue a credit card under the F-3 visa holder’s name (but still under the account of the husband).

Another way is for the husband to apply for two credit cards under his name (one for his use and the other one for the dependent’s use). This advice came from the bank itself. Surprise! Unlike in the Philippines where strict compliance to the cardholder’s identity is implemented, credit card holders here in South Korea aren’t subjected to such scrutiny. This proves to be convenient here but it doesn’t mean that this would also work well in the Philippines. I think, the strict monitoring of credit card purchases should be maintained in the Philippines.

I sometimes use my husband’s credit card and sign on his behalf. This encouraged me not to go out of my way to go to the Immigration for the certification. Either of the two ways above, at least an F-3 visa holder’s purchases are directly recorded to the tax credits of the E-7 holder. Cash purchases can be credited, too, but this would entail reciting your tax number to the cashier for every cash purchase you make. Now, that would be too inconvenient.

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10 thoughts on “Obtaining a Credit Card for F-3 Visa Holders

  1. Fantastic beat ! I would like to apprentice while you amend your website, how can i subscribe for a blog web site? The account helped me a acceptable deal. I had been a little bit acquainted of this your broadcast provided bright clear concept

  2. thank u miss wendy.ill try it on monday.sna makapag open n din ako ng sarili kong savings account.ur site is very informative..thank u so much and god bless…

  3. hi dhang,

    i have a savings account and a time deposit account under my name with IBK. i was only asked to present my ACR and my passport. you might want to clarify with your IBK branch. goodluck.

  4. hi miss wendy, good day! f3 visa holder po aq, just wna ask po kung pwede rin ba mg apply ng savings account d2 sa south korea?ksi sabi saken sa IBK hndi daw ako pwede ksi wla daw ako company.pero kung pwede po makakuha nag f3 visa ng bank account anong bank po ang tumatanggap ng f3 visa holders?thank u and more power!god bless

  5. mrs. helm – were you denied on may 2008 or may 2009? i’ve read that if you were denied, you may apply again after 6 months.

    anyway, in my case i applied for a tourist visa but I honestly put in the application form that i will be living with my husband here in Korea who has an E7 visa. the embassy, instead of granting me a C3 visa (tourist visa) immediately granted me an F3 visa, which I learned is actually not ordinarily granted.

    the standard procedure is for you to apply as a tourist visa and submit the following requirements:

    > filled-out application form
    > valid passport
    > passport size picture
    > bank certificate
    >business registration (if you have a business) or certificate of employment
    > income tax return
    > invitation letter from your husband
    > certificate of employment of your husband
    >marriage contract (NSO copy)
    >photocopy of your husband’s ACR

    once your application is approved, you will be granted a C-3 visa. when you come over, you need to apply for the F3 visa in the Immigration office before your legal stay expires. you can check this post for the application of F-3 visa:


  6. hi wendy,

    my husband is in the military stationed in South Korea right now. im here in the philippines. and last May, my tourist visa was denied cuz i applied as a single and did not put him as my guarantor because our NSO marriage certificate was still not issued.. i want to how what are the process of f3 visa? what does my husband have to do? thank u so much

  7. just like betchay i prefer KB check card…it has the same benefits of a credit card and since it’s good as cash(purchases are automatically deducted to your account) you won’t be encouraged to spend more than what you have…kkkkkk

  8. Hello!

    re: tax credit

    you could actually register at the NTS website and you will be provided with a card (website has no Englishee, hehe).

    when you make cash purchases you just give the card to the cashier and he/she will swipe it.

    you may also register your phone number and you may just give it to the cashier or you may input it yourself (in some establishments like e mart)

    cashiers will almost always ask you about it
    it’s 현금 영수증 in Korean.

    cashiers will say, 현금 영수증 필요 하세요?

  9. hi wendy! why not just get a check card… i’d recommend KB Star Check Card… you get the benefits of a credit card (including discounts to several establishments, point accumulation)

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