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Metrobank in Seoul

Jaz was kind enough to accompany me to Metrobank yesterday. Metrobank is located at:

2nd Floor, Danam Building

120 5-ka, Namdaemun-ro

Chung-ku, Seoul 100-704 Korea


 Tel. Num.: 02-779-2751/2


If you want to send money to the Philippines, Metrobank is an option. I was surprised to see a number of Filipinas working there. In fact, the reason why I had to call Jasmine was because I asked her to introduce me to her Filipina friend who is working there.

The only time I transferred money to our account in the Philippines was in 2006. I was new here then and totally oblivious of the more practical ways of sending money back home. I went to KEB across our apartment and I was totally surprised to learn that almost USD100 was deducted from my money. The amount covered the service fee of KEB, the international processing fee and the service fee of our bank back in the Philippines. Fortunately, we didn’t have the need to send money to the Philippines after that.

With Metrobank, I would be able to save some money with their low remittance fee. I actually had the option to open an account or simply send money by just presenting my passport. I would have wanted to open an account but I learned that Metrobank does not have inter-bank online banking. I could only do online transfers within the Metrobank system. I could not do online transfers to another bank in the Philippines, which was what I needed to do. Anyhow, it is interesting to note that when you open an account here in Seoul, you are actually opening an account in any branch of your choice in the Philippines. Just inform them where you want to open the account and Metrobank Seoul will send your filled-out papers to the Metrobank branch of choice in the Philippines. Processing will take one month:-). The advantage that I see here is that money deposited is safely tucked in your Metrobank account in the Philippines. You cannot withdraw here because, in effect, this is not the branch where you opened your account. Same principle as in the Philippines, you can deposit in any branch but you can only do over the counter withdrawals in your main branch.

Even without an account, one can send money back home. It would be cheaper if you send money to a Metrobank account. You only pay:

13,000-won – for remittance up to 1,000USD

17,000-won – for remittance from 1,000USD – 3,000USD


If you send money to a non-Metrobank account, the above plus other charges apply. You have to pay an unknown amount for international processing fee (depending on the current market rate) and the service charge of the receiving bank in the Philippines. Money sent are credited on the same banking day.

 I read from Asian Conqueror that there’s another way to send your money. It’s cheaper than Metrobank’s charges although the exchange rate is slightly lower. Check his post for some details and contact persons.

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43 thoughts on “Metrobank in Seoul

  1. good day. just want to ask where can we send money to the Philippines in Incheon. we are working onboard a vessel and calling port in Incheon. your help is very much appreciated.

  2. hello po, pwede pong magtanong, kasi po nagopen po ako ng account ssince 2010 po, hindi ko pa siya nahuhulugan ok lang po kaya yun.. thank you po sa sasagot in advance, Godbless

  3. hi po, I’m aida,
    ask ko lng po kung jan pa nagwok si sir felix? kasi po my offer po ako sa kanya at ano nga po ba ung full name nya para mapadala ko sa kanya ung letter ko thanks po..

  4. hi wendy,
    gusto ko lang po itanong ung pension namin jan kc po almost 1 month napo d pa din dmadating dito sa [ina exit po ako sa korea finish contract sbi po kc ng egnr namin na isend na dito sa pina s pero nag inquire kami metrobank wla pa dn po sabi dito sa metrobank angono 2 days lang yun dapat andito na baka po pwede paki check maam….salamat…

  5. hello po, ask ko lang po kung may bayad pag nagopen account dito sa metrobank, pwde rin kayang member ng family ko sa pinas mag deposit sa account?

  6. hello, i came here in korea last 2009 and i’ve been sending money thru metrobank for almost two years. but recently due to some conflict of schedule i dont have time to process the remittance. what i did was i opened citibank account here near my place in yongin suji gu. then i mailed the atm card to philipines so that they can make some withdrawal transaction there. just wannna ask if that is cheaper compare to metrobank? thanks and God bless…^^

  7. Tnx po sa information, may isa pa po akong tanong ano po ang mga requirements sa pagopen ng savings account sa metrobank magkano po ang initial deposit sa savings pra po makapgprepare.maraming salamat po muli sa impormasyon…

  8. Good afternoon po. gsto kopo magopen ng savings account sa metro bank sa Seoul..ano po ang babaan kong subway station pra makpunta po doon..salamat po..

  9. i had opened an accnt at metrobank when i went to the philippines last march. we’ll be going back to the philippines again in a couple of weeks and wanted to open a dollar accnt in metrobank. do i need to open another accnt here in korea for that? or they can just change my accnt to dollar?

    Also, if i have to open another accnt. how po to open an accnt here in korea?

  10. I have been seriously looking for something for this subject matter and your blogging completely accommodates my current needs. Will you please write much more along these lines? Visitors must find this information as well as the sort of impartial judgment which you supply.

  11. Hi,

    Tungkol po sa Metrobank Seoul address sa itaas, ano po ba ang pinakamalapit na subway station babaan papunta doon, Hoehyeon Station or KTX Seoul Station? at ano rin po ang exit number paglabas na pinakamalapit?


  12. Ginamit ko yung remmitance card. bakit nung una gumana…sabi nung teller yung bank account number ko yung parehas na nakasulat sa card..bakit 2nd time ..wala na…until daw \di ba bumabalik pera ko/.wla na ba tlga maasahan sa system ng pinas/.grrr/

  13. May tatanong lng po ako may account po ako dito metrobank gusto ko po mag widraw po .puede po ba na transfer ang wiwidraw hin kong pera sa account ng pagbibigyan ko sa pinas?salamat po

  14. hello sir : in metro bank officer :

    gusto ko lang magtanong about sa old accnt. puwede po ba sya use.. d2 ako open noon.. pero nasa pinas bank ko puwede po sya uli use ko.. uli .. kasi bakit po ganon sa mother ko kapg di nahuhulugan parang kinakain daw i mean nwala once di nahulugan sya .. paki check nga yong old account ko kung can use it .. kya nga po tamad na me hulog sa mb kasi kanga sabi ng mother kapg di nahulugan nawawala ba ..MB BATS CITY.. ACCOUNT KO 3-143-33310-9 D2 ko sya open noong 2004 then ipinadala ko lang sa pinas para sila updated .. then paki txt po sa akin kung can i use my old accnt.. paki reply na lang po.. 010-8681-8792

  15. hello po!
    i have a korean student in Cheongju. He sent me his class fee yesterday through their bank Kookmin to BDO here in the Philippines. I just want to ask how much is the sending charge if he sent 280,000 won? Is that the only chrage or BDO will also have other charges when I claim the money here?
    Please, if anyone knows…

  16. to bank online metrobank,
    is it possible to continue my s.s.s. contributions by metrobank branch here in seoul,korea….i’m currently working here in seoul,korea


  17. hi everyone, i ‘m new in Korea so i’m still figuring out how to send money the best and cheapest way possible. i’m quite interested with kookmin bank’s transfer to bdo. does anyone knows kung magkano yung counterpart fee ng bdo? we use bdo kase back home so it’s more convenient sana for me so that i can use online to pay philippine bills. however, i live in ulsan/geoje island (weekly/monthly alternates) so baka kookmin bank’s services vary din per branch.

    i guess i can go to metrobank (busan branch din if ever) everyone once in a while kaya lang, i don’t have an account with them and i think i’ll just transfer money to bdo din from metrobank busan but i don’t know the interbank fees din so baka malugi lang din ako with the rates and all.

    last resort is moneygram siguro to bdo account but again, i have an idea how much moneygram will charge me (online) but not sure how much bdo will.

    will appreciate any info. thanks! 🙂

  18. hi i live here in chungcheongnamdo i would like to send the money for my family in philippines but i would like to use metrobank to metrobank for low charge….but i dont how what i can do….i hope that u will help me…pls…message me back on my e-mail thanks a lot.

  19. hi i live her in chungcheongnamdo gusto poh magpadala ng pera sa pinas by metrobank to metrobank para iwas laki charge wala poh akong metrobank acount here in korea i hope that u will help me…kung ano ga2win ko poh para makapagpdala ng pera sa pinas pls…message me back on my e-mail thanks

  20. hi i lived in chungchongnamdo, 3 hours from here to saoul metro bank branch. its far! i want to sent money to phil. my problem is wala akong metrobank acount here. but my sis. meron siyang bank acount sa pinas. puwede ba akong mag padala nang pera sa acount nang sis ko? kaya lang i used another bank here in chungnamdo to send money to her. but i want metrobank to metrobank para makaiwas sa malaking charge. thank you very much!!

  21. Korean hubby has a KB (kookmin) bank account and sends to BDO. They charge around 5000 to 7000 W I think.Fixed rate din, but of course within reasonable limit on the amount to send. As for the counterpart fee in BDO, we still have yet determine exactly is their fee. All done online. But so far, it’s not that bad. One thing to consider rin syiempre is the fluctuating exchange rate.

  22. @ Andrea

    my cousin teaches Koreans online too. i already asked kuya raymund about it and he said he doesn’t entertain Koreans. sa Filipinos lang sya nag-o-offer ng assistance… i just told my cousin to just let his students send the money to my account, only if she feels comfortable with that and plus the charges, and i’ll be the one to send it to her…

    hope this one helps…

  23. >>TO ANNE
    I tried to look up for the post of Asian Conqueror and it’s quite really interesting. I’m a teacher here in the Philippines and I have some Korean students who are actually in Korea. We do classes online. Metrobank money transfer is actually a little hassle to them plus the high processing fee they collect adds up to the inconvenience. So I’m interested in using a.k.a Raymund to transfer their fee to my Metro bank account here in Manila. Could you help me get in touch with him?Please send the details to this email add.
    Thank you soooo much and God Bless
    Oh, are you living in Korea?

    1. To bank online,
      i’m ennie from manila and currently working here in seoul,korea.
      may i know sir/mom…if possible to continue my shares to s.s.s. by metrobank here in seoul,korea branch..?


  24. to ate wendy>> opo ate, kht saang bank pwede magpadala, the good thing pa po, they could send the money first sa Pilipinas, just tell them how much money you’ll gonna send and the bank accnt ofcourse para makahabol before 3pm(banking hours) then, pwede mo i-confirm sa Pinas kung meron na money sa account nila, pag confirmed na po, you could transfer money sa account nila d2 Korea.

    I have his # and bank account in case you need it.

  25. hi wendy!
    im wen.. and i find ur blogsite informative.. anyway, im new here in korea and i was been looking for that info on how to send money to the philippines, the cheapest way possible.. im so glad to know about metrobank and their remittance charges… ive tried sending money once through hanabank and same with other “pinoy’s” experiences, it was absolutely expensive..
    thank u so much for this info, its pretty helpful!

    God BLess..

  26. hi anne, of course i remember you and your pretty face:-). cge nga, i’ll check that out, too. kahit saang bank yata pwede magpadala dun, di ba?

  27. hi te wendy.this is anne remember?we met once. I used to send money sa Pinas through Metrobank, kso hasstle.Im from bucheon+paking lot fee.I’ve read also the article of Asian Conqueror, and tried it just 3 weeks ago, and it’s far way better.I asked him first the exchanging rates so I could compare it with Metrobank before I’ll transfer the money, their exchanging rates is higher. almost P1000 was the difference and the charge is only 5000won regardless of how much you’ll gonna send.and I could say it’s safe.

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