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It’s the Soju!

It’s 5am in my part of the world! And I woke up at 4am. Before that, my sleep was unpleasantly disturbed by the arrival of my husband at 2am.

He was out with Korean and Italian colleagues who are here in Seoul for a business trip. I excused the weekend absence. I am a supportive wife, after all! I supported his role to entertain colleagues who recently arrived in town. But coming home with the smell of soju! Soju’s smell freaks me out! And not because I’m pregnant. Even when I am not pregnant, the smell of soju irritates me with a passion.

I almost wanted to ask him to sleep on the sofa. That would have been the sweetest revenge. I can’t do it, though. LOL. I wouldn’t want to be on the point of being capable of doing that. And now, I displaced myself from the bed just to be away from that disgusting smell (loser me!).

My toddler woke me up at 4am so he could pee. When we went back to bed, I can’t stop the smell of soju going into my nostrils. Disgusting! I smelled the clothes he used hoping that I could easily put them away and be rid of the smell. The clothes had nothing to do with it. The smell comes from the pores of his skin. Could I put him away? To add insult to injury, he was snoring. He is still snoring while I am writing this. He is in deep slumber while I am trying to regain sleep.

How I hate soju! And the culture of drinking! This is the second time I am whining about this drinking culture of Koreans. The first time was in Where Business and Alcohol Go Together. If you think drinking is normal and universal, go to Korea!

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3 thoughts on “It’s the Soju!

  1. I hate the smell of soju too!

    One of my pet peeves is being near a bunch of drunk ajossis in the subway! They reek of soju, cigarettes and grilled meat! Ewwww….

    kaytee´s last blog post..tteok+sam!

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