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Hunger Pangs

The past days had been H-U-N-G-E-R for me every hour or so. I eat and eat and eat… Fruits helped… yogurts are a blessing. I have yogurts delivered to my house every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


In my post The Not-so-Difficult Changes I aimed not to have any weight increase for the next two months. LOL. From 52.1 kg last April 11, I am at 52.9 kg this morning. Only three weeks ago… tsk… tsk… Vanity does not top the list of my concern but it would help not to bloat this early. Ideally, weight increase happens on or after the third month. Ugh! So much for the ideals!

We had sinigang for lunch today. I asked Tintin to bring me a sinigang mix from a Filipino store in their neighborhood in Ttukseom and she cooked it for lunch. I had sinigang and rice for snack and sinigang and rice for dinner. How’s that? I have no cravings for a particular food but I just get frequently hungry I feel the need to eat.

One thing I have to be thankful for, I have absolutely no desire to eat chocolates. And the ice cream pint I bought almost a month ago (before I learned of my pregnancy) remains in the refrigerator. Little things to thank for! 

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3 thoughts on “Hunger Pangs

  1. — awww… i wish i had such appetite during my first trimester. unfortunately I was so picky with foods, I gained like half a pound every month. I even thought I lost weight. It’s only right now that I’m always hungry. The baby do the “pasa doble” in my tummy every time she wants me eat. They even said maliit ang tummy ko. It even made me worry at one time.. buti sabi ng iba normal lang daw. Hayyyy… weng sana gurL ang baby mo… 🙂

    ~ thess ~´s last blog post..A Plan Accomplished: Pre-natal Yoga

  2. i really controlled what i ate when i was pregnant, because my doctor always reminded me to take it slow and coming from a family of BIGGIES, i got so scared to get complications from gaining too much weight during my pregnancy. unfortunately, even if i didn’t eat that much(due to extreme nausea until my last trimester) i still gained A LOT of weight……good thing my baby was healthy and normal.

    cher´s last blog post..Zach’s new ride

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