Friday Frustrations: Television as a Nanny?

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Last week, I decided to join Maria of Conversations with Moms in her Friday Frustrations meme.

The one constant source of stress for me is the television. I know. I know. I have conceded several times in the past how videos have supplemented my son’s love for dancing and singing. I love watching him so happy while watching his favorite videos. But too much TV stresses me out. It makes me feel incapable!

But what do I do? My part-time helper comes over only once a week. The rest of the days, I need to cook and clean and do all the other stuffs I need to do. Living and letting my son go around a disorderly house is out of the question. That leaves a lot of time for my son to demand to watch TV. Sometimes I give in because I can’t be nagging him all the time about TV, can I?  Sometimes, I don’t. That’s where the inconsistency lies… and that’s where the confusion of my Little Dynamo begins.

Watching television or videos in moderation, that I approve of. But my definition of moderation is much less than the time I need for cooking, washing, cleaning, etc. I feel so sorry for my son, too, who would call out to me to cuddle with him while watching his favorite videos. I am oftentimes overwhelmed with guilt when I allow the television to babysit for my son.

And my husband’s definition of relaxation is watching television. Argghhh! I love it when my husband is around. I feel that we can do more as a family… and watching TV is not one of them. I especially hate it whenever my son asks something or perform for my husband but he fails to notice… because he is engrossed by his television-watching. Arghhhh!

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4 thoughts on “Friday Frustrations: Television as a Nanny?

  1. I agree. I HATE when E watches more than 30 minutes of TV a day but sometimes it just cannot be helped. I try my hardest to keep her occupied at the kitchen table with some markers or crayons while I cook dinner and I try to clean while she is taking her nap. But if I don’t get it all done I do need to turn a movie on and it makes me feel awful.

    Jill@ModernMommyBlog´s last blog post..Sunday Funnies

  2. Hmm… I’ve realized that we were still lucky back then. Our friends used to come over when we were kids and we had played all sorts of games like “bahay-bahayan,” “lutulutuan,” climbing trees, etc. We’ve also spent our time watching TV but we were more preoccupied counting the hours to go out and play.

    eden´s last blog post..A Time off and un”HOLY” Hours

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