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And The Mother Speaks

The mother of Hayden Kho was in TV Patrol tonight. Unbelievable!



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9 thoughts on “And The Mother Speaks

  1. I’ve seen another interview of Dr. Kho’s mom and she was totally different from this. As far as I could remember, in this new interview, she has mentioned that his son shouldn’t have done that but was trying to justify his act again and saying that he’s under the influence of drugs.

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  2. hi maria, don’t worry about her. she is the mother of a celebrity-doctor back in the Philippines who videotaped his sex-capades with several women in the Philippines, some of them celebrities, too. the videos were recently uploaded in the net and the women were clearly shocked to discover that they were videotaped without their knowledge. it’s a scandal because it involves big personalities. the mother spoke on national tv showing her bible and crucifix (and yeah, appearing to be in so much pain) but, without remorse, put all the blame on others (the most popular woman her son had sex with, the senator who asked for an investigation, the talent manager who she accused of orchestrating the whole drama) but her son. obviously, she is now as hated as her son.

  3. ah, ang hirap magcomment.. i only thought i’d see a humble mother trying to mediate for her son–asking forgiveness from the victims, the public and whoever the incident has hurt. of course, a mother would also protect her child… but i thought it would be done in a charitable way as there’s the santa, the bible and the crucifix…

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