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Alien Registration Number Needed to Access WiFi service in Starbucks

Hubby and I usually stay in Poetree, the coffee shop located at the ground floor of our apartment, when our Little Dynamo is sleeping in his stroller. We either read or he works and I browse the net. The coffee shop is very convenient for us as it has a free WiFi service offering a secured network. The staff gave us the password months ago and we are automatically logged on whenever we spend the afternoon there.

This afternoon the coffee shop was full and we had to find an alternative. Yeah, cofffee shops abound in Seoul. Our area is not an exception. Among others, there are two Starbucks in the area with just three buildings in between. We decided to try the newer branch located at the ground floor of Iljin Building, two buildings away from us. WiFi service is also common but we had to make sure that this branch offers one as the other branch (located at the ground floor of Acro Tower) does not have WiFi service. Fortunately for us, it has.

This afternoon was my first time to try the Starbucks WiFi service so I was surprised when I got connected to “Nespot” and when I opened a web browser, I was autmatically directed to Google’s start page. I had to click the “Free Internet Usage” button. Then, surprise! I was asked to complete the real name verification process and I had to type in my Alien Registration Number. The name had to be typed in big caps, as they appear in the ACR, with no spaces in between. Otherwise, the registration will be rejected.

There are other options for the service provider but Nespot has the strongest signal… and Nespot requires the Alien Registration Number to access this service. Oh well, there are other options. I’m sure Koreans availing of the free WiFi service in Starbucks have their own service providers to choose from.

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1 thought on “Alien Registration Number Needed to Access WiFi service in Starbucks

  1. Forget Starbucks, I always go to other coffee shops such as Seven Monkeys or Tom n Toms. Free WIFI, Starbucks is so friggin ‘ american where you have to pay for everything. Considering that I can access almost a dozen open WIFI hotspots from my office to the house.

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