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A Pororo Musical Show

I gained a new friend from my son’s school. Even though she decided to stop sending her boy to Kinder Schule and I opted to put my son in day class, we scheduled a weekly get-together for our boys. Yesterday, we went to watch a Pororo musical at Yangjae in Gangnam. The theatre is in the Annex Building of the Seoul Education Culture Center.


Pororo is a cute little penguin, a Korean creation very popular with babies and toddlers here in Korea. It isn’t hard to see why:images31

The musical we watched was titled “The Secret Room” (English translation). The musical was in Korean but it didn’t really matter to my son. The singing and dancing of Pororo and friends were entertaining enough for him and it kept him glued to his seat for one hour. The ticket was quite expensive. It originally costs 40,000-won (same price for adult and children) but we paid 32,000-won per person as my friend paid using her credit card through the internet.

Cameras were supposed to be prohibited but I saw several taking pictures at the end of the show. I got mine and got this before the stage was totally covered by the curtain:


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