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A Happy Mother’s Day

p5110106When we woke up this morning, hubby asked that I take a shower while he and Little Dynamo go out to play for awhile… to give me some time for myself.

They came back with hubby extending three red roses for me while Little Dynamo greeted me with a “Happy Mother’s Day, Mommy” and threw to the floor the red rose he was holding. tsk. tsk. He lacked practice, I guess.

We went out to have a Sunday lunch buffet at Seven Springs in Yeouido. We didn’t give Little Dynamo breakfast so he was literally devouring his pasta and soup. He munched on corn and demanded to have a taste of our steak but eventually forgot about it since he was too busy putting some food on his mouth.  He demanded for water when he took a bite of the buffalo chicken wings but relished his waffle topped with cream, strawberry jam and butter. He declared he was full already but decided he still had room for some ice cream when his daddy showed him the ice cream flavor selection.

We were able to extend his fascination with a selection of food until we were stuffed. When he finally declared that he couldn’t take in any food anymore, the restaurant became a playground. He was all around the place running and trying to cajole his dad to play hide and seek with him. Before he could gatecrash a first birthday celebration (he tried to run into the party area a number of times), we went out and explored the old Yeouido neighborhood.

Hubby got tired following our Little Dynamo but we eventually got him exhausted. Asked if he was tired, “No“. Asked if he was sleepy, “No“. Less than five minutes after we arrived home, we found him:


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4 thoughts on “A Happy Mother’s Day

  1. uyy, ako na greet sa u. belated happy mother’s day. don’t worry, during my first valentine as a mother here in Korea, nag-emote din me. manuel was out with colleagues (he can’t refuse daw). i blogged about it in my multiply and i felt so baaaaad that time. i told him i don’t care about the korean practices. i’m used to valentines in the philippines hehehe.

  2. your husband is so sweet, nobody even bothered to greet me in korea….T:T, i had a dramatic scene with hubby because of this, it was my first mother’s day but hubby forgot about it (more on no interest i think), he did apologize saying he didn’t realize that husbands are supposed(he thought the day is only for the children to greet their moms) to greet their wives on mother’s day…….no excuse on that, while living in korea i made sure to follow korean customs and special days, all i ask from my hubby is to put an interest on the days that filipinos consider special too right?

    cher´s last blog post..Zach’s going Japanese

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