To Have a Gun Or Not

There was a time a few years ago when hubby and I would go to the province to learn how to shoot. It was important, they say to learn to shoot… for self-defense. The only gun I ever learned to carry and fire is a 9mm beretta.

There was a cnn report that caught my attention. It is about a boy who accidentally shot himself on the head after he found his parents’ forgotten gun in a closet. While owning and actually learning how to shoot a gun is good for self-defense, I am now having doubts with regards to its safety. As parents, we could not be with our children 24 hours a day to ensure their safety or guard their curiosity.  It may take a lot of safety education for the minors to understand the importance and implication of playing with a gun but is the effort enough to make sure that they won’t play with it and hurt themselves in the process?

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7 thoughts on “To Have a Gun Or Not

  1. When my wife was in the construction business she owned a gun, at that time my eldest was a toddler and to practice gun safety we did the following.

    1. Always keep the weapon in a gun locker.
    2. Weapon always had a trigger lock at home.
    3. Since it was a pistol the slide was always taken out.
    4. Bullets were separately locked in a different place.

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  2. We also have a gun at our house in the Philippines. It’s a .38 caliber pistol kept in an unlock cabinet.

    I like that guns are illegal in Korea. Not that there aren’t any guns here but it’s not as easy to acquire like back home. Isipin mo na lang kung legal ang guns dito… tsk, tsk, tsk. LOL

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  3. I don’t carry a gun in my house. If I would carry one though, I would make sure that it was under a security lock. Also, the bullets and gun would definitely not be in the same location.

    But I guess having all these precautions would eliminate the point of having the gun there for safety, i.e burglary.

    “Ah, excuse me burglar….before you break in can you please wait till I get the key to unlock the cabinet to where I keep my gun then wait some more while I also get the bullets to put them in?”

    It wouldn’t work.

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