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The Not-so-Difficult Changes


I first learned of my pregnancy last April 4.  But I had a strong feeling I was pregnant days before that. So, I didn’t run as much as I used to in the treadmill. When before I could run at a level 8 speed non-stop for thirty minutes, I controlled myself to run at 10-15 minutes. However, I maintained my abdominal exercises as well as my weights.  Coffee was a daily necessity but I opted to pass the days without one. Anyway, I listed some changes I need to take for the next several months so I can have another glorious pregnancy:

  1. No more running on the treadmill. A brisk walk will do.
  2. No more abdominal exercises.
  3. Reduce my weights to 2kg (max for lifting).
  4. Absolutely no weight increase for the next two months:-). I was at 52.1kg last April 11.
  5. Caffeine-free day everyday!
  6. Stress-free day everyday (hubby, are you reading?)
  7. Complete 8 hours of sleep everyday.
  8. Afternoon nap with the Little Dynamo – meaning no blogging while my son is sleeping:-)
  9. Tuck away the sexy summer clothes I’d been looking forward to wear. I started wearing some body-fitting clothes last weekend… told hubby I’m wearing them while I still can.
  10. More cuddling with the Little Dynamo…

I hope our second baby would not give me pregnancy discomforts. My Little Dynamo never did:-)

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