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Pull-ups No More

My Little Dynamo said goodbye to daytime pull-ups at 22 months. I planned on his gradual night potty training at 30 months. But around two weeks ago, I forgot to buy his pull-ups for night time use. It was a blessing in disguise!

From then on, I started potty training him at night. Some nights were a mess – wee wee on the bed. And he never peed on his own bed. He had to do it on our bed. Smart kid!

I’m just so glad that we’ve been completely dry at night for the past 4-5 days. No miss! The downside is, I had to check on him like a hawk every now and then. A little stir and I would ask him if he would like to pee. It’s taking a toll on my eyebags. But hey, it’s a little price to pay for my son’s graduation from potty training.

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