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Gym and Pregnancy

As soon as my pregnancy was confirmed, I immediately settled down and searched for my old exercise routines while I was pregnant with my Little Dynamo. I wasn’t too confident then because it was my first pregnancy. But I regularly did some exercises (thanks to and… I had 10 glorious months carrying my baby. Absolutely none of the symptoms associated with pregnancy save for my bulging belly.

Actually, before hubby and I learned of my pregnancy with our Little Dynamo, I was regularly going to Gold’s gym in Ayala Triangle in Makati which was just a few minutes walk from our condo. It was a convenient set-up (gym and workplace were walking distance from our place). I had to abruptly stop upon learning that I was already on my 6th week pregnancy. I only became confident working out again after my first trimester:-). The night before I gave birth (at 39weeks and 1 day), I was doing the most number of squats outside o f my parents’ house in Iloilo:-).

I wish my second baby will give me the same comfort. I jotted down, and already started, my gym routine for the next months ahead…

The safest and most common exercises which are a must for pregnant women are: kegel and walking exercises. I do believe that kegels has helped me a lot. I intend to continue doing this for the remaining of my pregnancy. I have stopped running on the treadmill already and has started to limit my walking to level 6.

My stretching exercises has a longer list now. If there’s a pregnancy website I fully recommend, it’s I learned a lot! I added the following to my stretching exercises (designed for pregnant women, pictures courtesy of



Inner Thigh Stretch




Hip Flexor Stretch



Mermaid Stretch



Cross-Legged Hip Stretch



Butterfly Stretch



Seated Thigh Stretch



Seated Hamstring Stretch



Gluteal Hip Stretch



Side-Lying Overhead Stretch



Angry Cat Stretch



Lumbar Side Bend


I did them all! This, and walking on the treadmill plus constantly looking out for my toddler, consists my one session. (I listed down different exercises for each session). I can say, they are all safe. But of course, first time moms should always consult their doctors first before doing any exercises.

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