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“ME” time with my toddler

If you’re a stay-at-home mom with a toddler and without a live-in helper, a “ME” time is almost impossible. And my husband had been away on a business trip for the last five days. With hubby around, ideal day would start with him going to the gym first. I follow after. Without him, the only “ME” time that I claim, which is my gym time, is a game between me and my son. I coud go on some days. I couldn’t on other days. It depends on my son’s “availability”.

This week, we had been to the gym only once. Today seem impossible. He looks so tired from running this morning, before the drizzle. His nap time might extend. But, who knows, I could still cajole him after dinner later?:-)

I am so looking forward to tomorrow. Every Saturday, somebody comes over to clean the house and/or take care of my Little Dynamo. My muscles long for my “ME” time! No exaggeration here, I actually dreamed about my exercises:-(. Anyway, hubby will be back tomorrow night. We’ll start Sunday with our family time again… in the gym.

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