Making Friends in School

The past days had been very active days for me and my son. His twice a week school made us busy… entertaining and being with his friends/classmates.

In his class of four, the boys have a good opportunity to bond. The mommies did not lose time to bond aswell. One mommy started by inviting us to her house. The toddlers had a good time playing while we chatted. The other mommies actually voiced out their concerns about the program in Kinder Schule. My inexperience with these programs did not make me contribute to their concerns. Well, as long as my son is enjoying, I have no problem. I am either naive or just easy to please. Anyway, I have no experience to compare it with.

Of course, the boys were invited to our place, too. They had a good time in the playroom. I had to convince the other mommies that the restaurant in the second floor of our apartment building is very accommodating to kids (charge to experience) because they were worried about the rowdiness of our boys. But the boys were too exhausted and hungry to make noise in the restaurant during dinner. We had to cramp in my house after dinner for more together-time but the boys did not seem to mind the limited space. Four boys had each a car or a motorbike to ride on in my small living room.

Without my husband this week, we went home again today at 7:30pm. No dinner in the house. Dinner was taken cared of in another boy’s house:-) How I wish they will remain to be classmates for more bonding time. But this will not be the case. We will only have until next week. Starting May, my son will join the day class (10 – 12am) of Kinder Schule because the other mommies opted to ask for a refund for the remaining months. Some issues of discontentment (sigh).

The day class would definitely be better for my toddler. More kids, more socialization. But he might miss his new-found friends:-(.

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