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Little Dynamo is Going to School!

I wrote about my dilemma before about sending my Little Dynamo to daycare in my post To Daycare or Not to Daycare.

My primary purpose for sending him to daycare is for him to learn conversational Korean – so he could interact with kids around him. But I had some inhibitions and upon discussing it with my husband we decided to put him in a program where he would have regular interaction with Korean kids. We found a place for him and we are starting tomorrow! He’s going to Kinder Schule. I am so excited for my Little Dynamo.

It’s just a 90 minutes twice a week program. I would be with him for the first thirty minutes and he will be on his own with the songsaengnim and the other kids for the remaining hour. I think this will be a good transition for him. He will have to get used to the language being spoken directly to him. It may just be twice a week but when he gets the hang of it, then maybe he will be ready for a daycare.

What makes it more exciting is, he’s got a uniform!

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