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Imelda Marcos – Proud to be in “The Greediest of All Time”

I first saw this list from Enquiring Daily Tribune. I searched for the original article from Newsweek and found Imelda Marcos’ image below




opening the gallery (of pictures of the 11 included in the list) because according to Newsweek “her rouged cheeks, jade earrings and blinged-out ring fingers a perfect glimpse into modern materialism“.

Of course, the proud Imelda justified her greediness and, as always, her logic sickens me. Check Newsweek’s post “Imelda Marcos Agrees: She’s ‘Guilty’ of Greed“.

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5 thoughts on “Imelda Marcos – Proud to be in “The Greediest of All Time”

  1. I read an article about her celebrating her birthday. Imelda is back in the social world! Chavit Singson, the governor of Ilocos Sur, Jean Saburit, etc. were int he pictures. I think the magazine is called METRO.

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