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He was so Proud of Me

p4030116We were playing with Little Dynamo’s train set last night. Suddenly, I asked him to build a tower out of the blocks. Whenever he was successful, I would say “I am so proud of you”. He would then destroy it and squeal with laughter.

Then he thought of putting the blocks on top of one of his trains. It was more difficult as the little truck would move. Sensing that he could not do it, he allowed me to do it for him. While watching me, he moved back and sat on the sofa. When I finished stacking all the blocks, he squealed, moving towards me with outstretch hands,

I am so proud of you, Mommy.”

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3 thoughts on “He was so Proud of Me

  1. waaah! i suddenly remembered my first niece… she was more than 2 years old then.. i went to their house to baby sit for the day since my brother’s sitter suddenly resigned… denise took her animal books and started pointing to the animal pictures… “auntie, what’s this?…. what’s that?… how about this….?” i answered all “””correctly””” such that when we finished the first page, she clapped her hands and said “very good auntie”…..

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