Brain Drain?

Whew! I’m down with a mild sore throat. Haven’t been able to have a good sleep for the past days. Sleeping at 4:30 am and another night (day) at 6:30 am.

Father-in-law tasked me to write his Grand Oration for a Mason gathering (ANCOM 2009) next week in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines. He emphasized the importance of the event – presence of foreign delegates, presence of the Chief Justice, the Grand Oration will be published, etc… can’t say no. Can you say no to your father-in-law? LOL. I can say no to my own father but why is it hard to say no to in-laws?

It was a privilege, really. I took the challenge. Little did I know that my mind was to work sooooo slow! Really, on the third night of trying to conceptualize his speech (of course, he told me the general concept) I was barely a page long. I was actually feeling the pressure and my head aches during the days because of lack of sleep. My last night of working was Thursday and I slept at 6:30 am of Friday without finishing my part of the speech yet (he will write about the Mason part, I had to write about the global concerns stuff). I was beyond deadline but I was having a slight fever already… and a sore throat. I can’t risk getting sick (I’m pregnant!) and hubby is off to another business trip next week. I had to admit defeat! Hubby had to take-over.  He added some things and sent it back to me for editing. Finally, I emailed my part of the speech at noon.

Is this a case of brain drain on my part? Selective brain drain hehehe. My concerns are so different these days. Global concerns like the economic crisis, terrorism and global warming are so beyond my family concerns:-)

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2 thoughts on “Brain Drain?

  1. hi maria, thanks! i do feel better now. just have to catch up with some more sleep and i will be in the best condition again:-).

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