A Good Book Find

Little Dynamo received lots of hugs and kisses and “I love you’s” from Hubby and I after we found out that he can read his letters. Grandparents were quick to watch his video and from afar beamed with pride for their grandson.

We are ready to move on to reading numbers. He perfected his counting skills at 18 months old:-). We have books ready to aid his new challenge but I was determined to check on a new one. So, last Monday, Little Dynamo and I went Bandi and Luni’s Bookstore at the Hyundai Department Store in Omokgyo. While my toddler was sleeping in his stroller, I rummaged through the Children’s section and lo and behold! found the perfect book!

The toddler just has to press the button and he will hear the corresponding number. Oh, it helps that my toddler already knows numbers 1, 2 and 6. Everytime we are in the elevator, he would press 1 when we go to the ground floor, 2 when we go to the playroom or the gym and 6 when we go home. Each time he does that he feels like a big boy!

We started reading his numbers yesterday. My Little Dynamo was trying to absorb as much as he can… but he can only do so much:-). His new railway toy was constantly in his mind. Boys!

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6 thoughts on “A Good Book Find

  1. hi tes – nagpakasal na gali si ness? wala gid nagpabalo hehehe. cge, i’ll check out her pics.

    hi betch – oo nga, when do we go there?

  2. btw… you know that ness got her own cutie pie, right? i dunno if its a girl or a boy… i just saw her pictures in fs i think last year. preggy pics. she’s pretty… i was hoping its a girl. have to keep in touch with her again. LOL.

    ~ thess ~´s last blog post..17 Weeks: Pregnancy Update!

  3. le ruof is so smart… i’m looking forward to read ur blog, especially when he goes to school already. will you be like other moms who’ll feel sad to let them go, especially on their first day? i read and heard stories of mom bringing their kids on first day of school. that first step of — i dunno — freeing them? (a bit?). i know you will always be a good mom, weng. again.. i’m happy for you and manuel to have such a special boy as le ruof. 🙂

    ~ thess ~´s last blog post..17 Weeks: Pregnancy Update!

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