The Singing Dog

I was just so impressed the first time I watched this video and I thought of sharing this here in “My Rocking Cradle”. Of course, I had to ask permission from the owner first.

Bella is living with Mar and Sharon. Mar is my Multiply friend and he takes great pictures. His wife, Sharon, teaches piano. It wasn’t until I saw this video that I learned that Mar is also a great stage father to Bella.



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4 thoughts on “The Singing Dog

  1. “you’re comments are uncalled for. they’re very mean:-(”

    – hmm sorry cheer up. it was meant to be a joke though. I didnt read the info, and i thought the video was a random grab from youtube. ..anyway so “Play it Again, Sam”

  2. hi arvinsign – you’re comments are uncalled for. they’re very mean:-(

    hi jehan – what did you do? nadisplace tuloy ang original sweetheart ni alex. hehehe.

  3. is it a minipin too? it sure looks like one… ang cute naman ate. i remember the first time i came here… alex’ black minipin would race me to our bed and sit between our pillows and look at me like she was saying “i’m my master’s original sweetheart”… she just softened up to me when i gave her dried mangoes.. did a lot of reading though and they’re really loyal, friendly to children and very protective of their masters… however i got allergic to her hair… she now even avoids going inside our room…

  4. hi wendy,

    i have some few hypothesis regarding that “singing” doggie

    1) The guy is pinching the dog’s testicles (if its male) to make it squeak at some point

    2) That supposed singing of that doggie is actually a natural reaction of canines when they are subjected to fear due to the horrible sounds they hear from humans

    3) that sound produced by the dog actually means “please stop the non sense music, im begging”


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