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The Convenience of Going Wireless

I had been so used to the convenience of being online here in Seoul. Whether my husband is here in Seoul or out of the country for business trips, the internet always bridges the physical distance. So, I always cringe at the thought of being cut off from the internet whenever I go home to the Philippines during the holidays. Either there is no internet at home or others are using the computer and I have to haggle between the availability of the computer and the permission of my toddler for me to be online.

It was a relief when I found out during our last vacation that my father-in-law got a wireless router in his house in the province. Imagine the big chaos over internet access when four families live and sleep together for several days during the holidays. I was so relieved I brought my own laptop. My hubby brought his aswell. My brothers-in-law had theirs also. It was just a matter of securing internet connection for all of us. The first thing that my youngest brother-in-law did when we arrived was set-up the newly-purchased Netgear wireless router. While our toddler and his cousins were playing in the garden, hubby and I would bring along our laptop and settle ourselves either in the small garden “kubo” or on the swing in the middle of the garden. One brother-in-law and his wife would be doing the same in their chosen spots. The property, which includes the main house, the guest house and a garden in between, was quite big. Without the wireless router, the adults would have been stuck in one corner while the children run around out of sight… or we completely deprive ourselves of internet connection:-).

Since I got to check on some wireless routers, I may have to suggest next time to try out the Belkin N1 Wireless Router. There are several sleek designs to choose from.

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