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Storytelling with Feeling

Unknown to them, I captured this private moment between father and son. Little Dynamo and his fascination with dinosaurs inspired him to tell a story to his dad… with feelings!

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5 thoughts on “Storytelling with Feeling

  1. hi cher – natawa naman ako sa skinhead:-) meron pa namang konting buhok hehehe. pero, yeah, laging pinapansin dati lalo na he had longer hair before when we were still based in the phils and he was just coming over for business trips but his colleagues got used to him already.

  2. skin head pala hubby mo….buti nd sya kinukulit ng mga koreans about that…..when my brother came here for a vacation nkskin head din hair style nya…..medyo aloof a takot mga koreans sa knya…..kkkkk….sbgay mukha nga nman gangster brother ko….bwahahahhaha.

    cher´s last blog post..Sandara Park and Lollipop

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