Seodaemun Museum for the Second Time

After watching the 15-minutes 3D dinosaur movie at the Seodaemun Museum of Natural History more than a week ago, my toddler kept on asking me to watch the dinosaur movie again. I had to repeatedly tell him, we’ll go back there with Daddy. When hubby arrived from the business trip, Little Dynamo just had to tell him over and over again about the dinosaurs he saw during his first visit. This afternoon, hubby and I decided to give in to his demands. He can’t stop moving around. For a 28-month old toddler, the world is for him to explore…


This must have been really interesting for him:

This afternoon, he did not bring home another dinosaur. He set his eyes and brought home this:

The snake was allowed to go home on the firm condition that it does not sleep on the bed.

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