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Pregnant and Beautiful with Beaute de Maman

My husband and I feel that it’s the right time to have another Little Dynamo. So, I am eagerly looking forward to another ten months of glorious pregnancy:-). I am quite lucky to have been spared of the stretch marks during my first pregnancy but I wouldn’t want to take anything for granted. This early, I think Beaute de  Maman would be one of my ego-boosters as soon as I go through the exciting ten months. Beaute de  Maman offers several health and beauty products especially designed for pregnant women. We have to take note, though, that pregnant women should not just use any product during the course of the pregnancy as a product could adversely affect the fetus inside. Products from this website were developed by a long-time Obstetrics and Gynecology practitioner, Dr. Michelle Brown, so I am personally not afraid to try them out. Some Hollywood moms-to-be are using the products. Check them out at the Beaute de  Maman website. Currently, the products available include Stretch Mark Cream, Face and Body Cream and Facial Scrub. Unfortunately, there are women whose face suffer from pimples due to hormonal changes during their pregnancy. Pray that I would not. I am also happy to see that the website also offers Nipple Gel for nursing moms. I breastfed my Little Dynamo for eighteen months. My experience makes me a stronger advocate for breastfeeding so I expect to do the same for our next one.

I am so eagerly waiting for that day when hubby and I would be gifted with the double line on our pregnancy kit test. I hope it will be sooner but I would like to  order now some of the products available but I guess I would have to settle with the facial scrub first. The others will have to follow:-)


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3 thoughts on “Pregnant and Beautiful with Beaute de Maman

  1. hi ate! thanks for sharing this..

    if i’m not mistaken, you’re the friend ate Betchay mentioned in her last guesting at tbs-efm planning to have another baby. she and the dj tackled about being a foreigner and having a baby here in Korea. it was really informative.

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