If there’s a Will, There’s a Way

As Philippine passport holders, there are only a number of countries where we can go to without a visa. We can go to all the member-countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) namely: Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Of course, we can visit Hong Kong and Macau without a visa. Other countries are listed on this site.

The reason why I am writing this is because my husband is now in Ireland for a business trip. He was informed Wednesday afternoon last week that he was going to Ireland. He went to apply for a visa last Thursday morning. He was told that visa processing for Filipinos takes 4 weeks. He was scheduled to leave Tuesday, so there were only 2 working days for the visa processing. Aside from the anxiety of whether or not he will be granted the visa, there’s always the perennial question “why do you need a visa?”. The question can be embarassing at times. Koreans do not need a visa so they have no care about the business trip schedules.

Obviously, he was granted the visa after being told “after a long discussion, we decided to give you multiple entry”. Heaved a sigh of relief!

This wasn’t the first time my husband was granted a visa sooner than the embassy policy would allow. On a business trip to New Zealand, he was given a visa after two weeks where the embassy policy processes visa applications for Filipinos in two months. He went to the New Zealand embassy and “volunteered” to be interviewed.

I know how this visa requirement for us Filipinos create a lot of anxiety especially to those who have legitimate reasons for travelling. We can’t just give up citizenship for convenience:-)

Anyway, from hubby’s experience we learned that embassies can bend some rules. We lose nothing if we allow ourselves to be subjected to procedures beyond the normal processes especially if we have a legitimate purpose. It also helps in uplifting the Pinoy “image”.

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14 thoughts on “If there’s a Will, There’s a Way

  1. hi ate wendy. anyway it’s too early yet to tell for me if should i get a permanent residency or acquire korean nationality…kkkk… but my husband and i want to go back to P.I… pero sabi nga ni ate betchay, when she had their baby, nag-iba priorities nila. siguro ganon din kami…

  2. actually i dont know any filipino couples here. Thats why i was surprised to know your hubby is pinoy.

    Since you have a passion for books, u know one thing i miss about pinas are the bookstores. Whenever i feel bored before (in manila), i always spend a lot of time (and money) in bookstores. Here in Korea, the collection (in English) is so limited 🙁

  3. well, are there other filipino couples here? we would be very interested to know. my husband is the breadwinner while i am a stay-at-home mom who reads and writes while my two boys are sleeping. that’s the reason why i am awake during the wee hours…

    re: the books that i read – picture this, hair in a tight bun with thick eyeglasses hahaha.

  4. I know better –since i thought before you are married to a korean 🙂 of course nothing wrong with that. I just find it rare to find/meet pinoy couples here sa Korea.

    8 years? wow. from the books you are reading, i can at least figure out what kind of woman you are hehe, i maybe wrong though 🙂

  5. ha? heard of me? from whom?

    “now i know better” – what do you mean?

    my husband and i were “bf-gf” (corny hahaha) for 8 years before we finally got married. so there!

  6. btw wendy, your hubby is a well travelled guy. i supposed he is a big shot with a very interesting job (with lots of biz trips) 🙂

    he is pinoy right?

  7. hi jehan, i know cher also wants to retain her philippine citizenship. but to those who changed their citizenship and to those who would want to, it’s a personal prerogative. to each his own. cheers:-)

  8. hi ate wendy …i really liked this line:

    “”We can’t just give up citizenship for convenience:-)””– because i’ve been repeatedly asked about it..

  9. wendy, yeah thats true. I really thought na hindi ako mabibigyan ng visa (India). But as you have mentioned, there is always a way (at least for them to bend the rules)

    so if there’s a will, there’s a visa 🙂

  10. hi arvinsign, buti na lang they granted you a visa. it’s necessary to have a 6-mos valid passport whenever you travel, di ba? pero in cases like that, the phil. embassy here in seoul issues a travel document.

    you must have an interesting job to be giving a science talk….

  11. When I went to India last year for a science talk, my Phil Passport is about to expire in less than 2 months (and i need to fly there in 2 weeks time).

    Most embassies including that of India in Seoul requires at least a 6 months valid passport for any visa application. So while talking to the embassy official ( he already said, they cant give me a visa since my passport is about to expire), i exaggerated the importance of the event im supposed to attend. Blah blah blah

    After 2 days, lo and behold. I have a visa 🙂

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