9 thoughts on “Hotmail Hackers

  1. i received similar emails too but i didnt bother to reply because even though i have an msn account, i think i haven’t opened it for like 4-5 months already (could be really shut down by now even though i try to update it) and i thought it was really so foolish for them to ask users for such very important information over mail… yeah, hackers really dont give up…

  2. Oh! Yeah, nice arithmetic there! Well, it could have been nice if you just went straight to the point rather than playing with words. It does make things much simpler…

    And don’t get pissy about me mistakenly referring to a hacker as a predator and the victim as a prey. I am just human, I make mistake. At least now I know and thanks! Let me try this one…uhhhhmmm…In the middle of the dark wilderness, the hacker ate the victim. I am crossing my fingers that now I got it right…

  3. que ???

    Hackers=predators people who are victimized= prey…

    why are you using the biological concept of predator and prey?? (Blame the predator for eating his prey?)

    Are we not discussing about hackers and their victims?

  4. “Its like blaming the predator than the prey”…what??? Blame the predator for eating his prey? Wow! This is some intelligent remark…I may be stupid…but I never really thought about this!

  5. people FALL for it because of ignorance. So id rather blame the sender than the receiver. Its like blaming the predator than the prey. I supposed nobody will fall for something that they know is 100% fake, thats no longer ignorance..its stupidity.

  6. hi unemployed – you do have a point. i agree with you. i guess it’s too much to hope that other people stop taking advantage other people.

    hi arvinsign – yeah, it’s irritating to receive all and any kind of chain letters.

  7. one thing that pisses me off whenever i go online is seeing these spams and internet hoaxes. Well thats not the worst thing for me actually, religious chain letters will be in my No. 1 list 🙂 Aaarrgh.

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