Can You Get More Tired Than This?

Even the Amazing Spiderman got very exhausted!

That’s our Little Dyamo on the floor and on the door adjoining our bedroom and dressing room. He was waiting for me while I was dressing up to have our Sunday afternoon coffee at the coffee shop on the ground floor of our apartment. When I looked down, he was lying on the floor. Hubby and I can’t stop laughing… we beat our Little Dynamo!

We spent Sunday morning at the gym… he may have been too exhausted from playing with the exercise balls and runnng around. Truth be told, hubby and I were exhausted by his non-stop demand for running around while in the gym. Between the two of us, we were secretly wishing our Little Dynamo will get so tired so we can have a decent gym time. He did not!

But his after-gym exhaustion gave us a good afternoon in the coffee shop:-). Two laptops and a stroller, we spent a relaxing Sunday afternoon…

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3 thoughts on “Can You Get More Tired Than This?

  1. hi cher, grabeh if he’ll have his way, he’ll wear the spiderman outfit all the time! i have to show him it’s in the laundry:-)

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